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Pornstars and Prostitution

Pornstars and Prostitution Have you ever thought of a pornstars as a prostitute? You should have. After all, prostitution involves at least two: one that pays money for sex to the other, the only requirement to be considered a prostitute is to have sex relations for money, right? Prostitution is nothing but money. And still, it`s little money compared to porn world standards. Prostitution is also private, which means that no prostitute will ever be famous whereas the best known pornstars can be equaled to any given beautiful and very famous Hollywood it better, then, to be a pornstar? We have already discussed the issue and mentioned some of the many mistakes that are made on purpose in porn movies that kill any idea of real pleasure in porn movies. Now, let`s try to see whether pornstars are prostitutes or not. It`s said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and we want to think that in all these years, those women that are prostitutes have made a choice (as well as pornstar have). Well, you`d all be surprised to know how many pornstars entered the porn movies business as a result of their previous activity... as prostitutes. So, we should be careful when we say it`s different. There is a widely spread thought. For many men there is no need to stop and see if the women they see in movies or the women they pay to have sex .